Software Outsourcing


EXO Team embodies brightest IT engineers who comprise of consummate technical skills, outsourcing experiences and client-first mindset. It is our DNA to bring creativity, energy and excellence to every engagement. We not only care about code and technique but also develop the Business Outsourcing Process to serve the needs and achieve the goals of our clients.

Software development

We promote expert training courses and create a motivated system for nurturing individual talents in product development team. R&D Department is always at activation status to take over never-ending bug problems and investigate in the cutting-edge of technology and computer science.

We provide outsourcing services in various software development stages:

  • Web Design Services

  • Web Programming Services

  • JavaScript Development Services

  • PHP Development Services

  • Java Development Services

Efficient Working Process

Aside from deeply experience-oriented expert in software production, we emphasize the importance of Quality Control at the very beginning stage.

+ Integration and R&D stage is purposed for entire engagement in our customers’ business and become a partner in charge of them.

+ High-Quality Control includes low defect rate, well self-structured and secured code, easy-to-use products and good enough performance.

Great Agile Scrum Methodology Evolution

The nature of Scrum Methodology is simply as a lightweight process which is quite flexible throughout to respond to changing requirements. This Scrum advantage enables us to change the project and be deliverable at any point in time, delivering the most appropriate release.

  1. Scrum team: Experienced on multiple projects, mutual cooperation and shared prosperity

  2. Product owner: Great communication and experienced on different customers and products

  3. Development team: Full stack developers

  4. Scrum master: Scrum Professional Verification



Software maintenance:

We provide an accurate maintenance plan and services on a world-class level for mechanisms to be developed for evaluation, controlling and making modifications.

Broad activities we are expert in include:

  1. Enhancement

  • New report development

  • Add-on

  • Interface with other systems

  1. Training & Rollout

  • Package Overview

  • Business Process Refresh training

  1. Technical support

  • Installation, Configuration

  • Patch applying, Bug fixing

  • Fine tuning, Backup & Recovery

  • Hardware standby & Maintenance, Networking

Intensive Hi-tech solutions

With a dynamic power, the orientation of EXO Company is always to strive for the latest technology and deep expert research in outsourcing industry which facilitate the ability to tailor new services to a new generation of users in an environment being reshaped by globalization, virtualization and millennial mindset.

SAAS Implementation

The chief benefit of the SAAS deployment model over the traditional model of software deployment is a reduced cost and time of delivery for both SAAS providers and SAAS subscribers. SAAS subscribers never have to worry about outdated versions of software or the licensing costs for upgrading to the latest version of a software product for multiple users.


Committing a new way of thinking, do better for efficiency and do different for growth, we delve deep for problems and underlying opportunities leading to greater predictability and resilience. The bolstered business process expertise is about to contribute to the ability to define, build and evolve strategies for the sustainability of your business.



Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle is a process used by software industry to design, develop and test high-quality software. The SDLC aims to produce a top-notch software that meets or exceeds customer expectations, reaches completion within time and cost estimates.

Software Outsourcing

Engagement Models

Project-Based is a time-bound engagement model effective for projects where requirements are not likely to change during the development process. It allows reducing cost and time to market by leveraging an outsourced vendor with the required technical and domain expertise.

  • Build the team to meet your needs

  • Number of resources and roles are tailored to meet the project needs

  • Flexible time-and-materials or fixed-fee pricing

  • Reduce cost and time to market by leveraging an outsourced vendor with the required technical and domain expertise

Dedicated Team Based or Offshore Development Center (ODC) is ideal model for projects of which requirements are frequently evolving or the planned engagement scope is more than one transactional project.

  • Predictable fixed monthly billings

  • Dedicated, named resources enhance long-term productivity

  • Flexible staffing model